Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fordcast ~ Madness Season 8 - Bring it!

Every year for the past few years I have hosted a bracket pool for the top contestants on American Idol. I don't recall if I have ever won, I do recall how amazingly fun it is. The smack talk, the nail biting, all of it!

This year there are 13 contestants which throws a new twist in it for us!

We have the most participants ever for season 8 and the most brackets ever!

The brackets are set up as an elimination bracket. Predict who will be eliminated each week and you receive points for each person who continues on.
Simple enough right? Well, NOOOOO... , Duh!

Take into consideration the Sanjaya debacle... Who would have ever thought that he would have continued for THAT long in the competition. Or the other end of the spectrum, Chris Daughtry who went out way too early during his season, only to release a top selling album almost immediately!

Hard decisions have to be made, tough choices of who is going, who is staying. Basing your decisions on popularity as well as voice, looks as well as their "story!" UGH......

I chose three different brackets, as did others involved this year! We will see how it goes.

Tonight is the night - Let the games begin!
(please let me win....) had to throw that in there, LOL

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