Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fordcast ~ Bargains Part 2 (minus the headache)

Okay, so now that my headache has eased up a LITTLE bit, I am able to add a little more information about my "bargain" clothing! LOL

This jacket, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, was purchased at Goodwill for $5..... That's right folks, $5...... Now you might ask, "Gee, Pamela, What's wrong with it, why would someone part with a totally awesome Ann Taylor LOFT, size 6 PETITE, lined jacket such as this WITH THE TAGS STILL ON IT....?????" and OF COURSE, my answer would have to be "Uh, DUH, so I could find it!!!! LOL"

I can't wait for spring every year so I can start wearing it and I am always *trying* to push the season a little closer just so I can put it on!

THAT folks, is what I call a PERFECT find that you can only find if you just keep looking!

The next two dresses, if you will PLEASE forgive the fact that they need ironed, are from Old Navy. What is so cool about these is that

1. I got them for a HUGE sale price of less than $12 each

2. They layer incredibly with long sleeve T's, tights, leather boots, OR sandals and no shirt under them!

3. IF, and I reply IF, I were pregnant.... which there is no chance in (a very warm location) that I would EVER do that again... I digress.... these dresses would STILL work!

I only iron them as I am about to wear them and I use a little bit of starch 'cuz they are 100% cotton. Very thin and flowy and really two of my "spring/summer/fall" staples. (kind of thin for winter!)

Okay, here is the GREATEST thing about these two dresses.....THEY BOTH HAVE POCKETS!!!!!!

Now, I have four kids. Someone is ALWAYS handing me something, asking me for something..... My cell phone is always in my hand (or I guess you could say my crackberry)... again, I digress....

Anyway, I just love these dresses!

My husband is not actually fond of the "style" of them but let's face it, he doesn't have to wear them (unless he wants to!)

I think he is a little freaked out by the fact that they could pass for maternity, but really they ARE NOT!

They are just very free flowing and extremely comfortable!

I heart them...... Have I told you that yet?

Okay, I mentioned yesterday about my absolute FAVORITE pair of shoes. I don't even know how old this pair of Chucks are.... I just know I LOVE THEM..... About every four months or so I throw them in the washer (which fades them a little more - LOVE IT) and give them a make-over with new fancy laces that cost a couple $$.

I even have my next laces ready, but I just bought the brown laces!

I have a hard time buying NEW Chucks because they look, well, NEW... LOL.... but I do have more than just this pair!

My kids friends call me the "cool" mom 'cuz I wear Chucks which totally cracks me up since Chucks have been around since before these kids were even thought of! But, hey, if I am the cool mom, then that means they can trust me and if my shoes are to blame for that then ROCK ON!

Last topic, belts. Can't provide a picture of my favorite because my 14 year old son borrowed mine today (without asking I might add) arghhhhh....

When you wear jeans that have loops, wear a COOL belt... NOT a frumpy belt, a COOL belt. I got an really inexpensive belt at Kohls that the buckle snaps onto so you can change it out. The buckle I bought for it is the body part of a guitar! It is completely my personality (and aparently my sons as well) but I LOVE IT! Cheap, inexpensive belts don't last as long, but if they are inexpensive then it means you can change your look up by getting more than one or in my case buying several nice buckles and when the belt itself falls apart, just buying the belt!!!!

So there. The rest of my blog from yesterday! Now I have to go prepare to get all "frumpy" for a big charity event tomorrow night! I am most excited about my "watermelon" colored shoes and my Forever 21 jewelry I bought to match the shoes! The dress was all black, silver and white... couldn't stand to be that drab!!! :-)

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  1. I too, adore the jacket. perfect for spring! I love the dresses too, and my husband feels the same way about sash dresses. Ah well, they work for me!