Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fordcast - Wordless Wednesday

Spring outside our bedroom window....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Fordcast - Disney 100!

Okay, so maybe it wasn't my brightest moment when I decided to chaperone 100 seventh and eigth grade band members to Disney for Spring Break.... *what could I possibly have been thinking?

Two of the members were children of my own and I made sure I paid a visit to "Design a Tee" on the Disney Strip and designed these t-shirts! One says Band Trip - Spring Break 2009 with a picture of Mickey yawning (since the kids got NO sleep the entire trip) and the other says I Survived "The Band Trip" Spring Break 2009 with a pic of Mickey running and screaming! This was an awesome place and had the shirts ready by the time we finished dinner and shopping! :-) The kids wore them the last day and a couple other moms did the same thing.... (only one other mom did the Survived shirt)!

We visited all four Disney Parks and I enjoyed each one for different reasons, but Epcot is still one of my favorites. I have only been to Disney during the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays when it is all dressed up for Christmas, so I truly enjoyed the spring decorations. The flowers at Epcot were absolutely beautiful! The weather was great and as usual, there was one really cold day. I think we brought it from Tennessee because it spit sleet and snow here while we were gone! The rest of the weather was absolutely beautiful though. 70's, some 80's! BEAUTIFUL!!! Rain on and off one day and that was it!

Coming home from a trip like that (Saturday 6am to Thursday 9am) is always a treat. My other two children had made a banner for us! They were so proud of it! They really missed us a lot, Jaxen slept in my bed and took over my comfy red pillows! LOL I think they took over the neighbors house too while we were gone, but I know they were very well behave at home by themselves while Randy worked. Funny how your two youngest can be your two most mature!

Randy even cut fresh Lilacs from one of our two HUGE Lilac bushes and put them in a vase with a card! They smell so wonderful. I need to go take pics of all the green and flowers outside today.... I love Tennessee in Spring and am so happy to be home.

Lessons were learned on this trip just as they would be on any trip. Middle School drama is overwhelming, but CAN be overcome.... They just need love and attention. Like my own children, they need it from somewhere other than home. Their own parents are getting frustrated with them just as I am getting frustrated with my teenagers. Why is it that during these difficult ages, it is easier to connect with others' teenagers? I don't understand that! LOL

I feel as if I gained a huge group of new daughters and sons on this trip, some new adult friends as well and am so very thankful I went. *even if the drive out there that should have taken 11-12 hours took 17 hours (thanks Atlanta)!

Trying to catch up on some sleep, mail, bills, all the good stuff now! *TV shows....

Fordcast - Proud and exhausted!