Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fordcast * White?

What? Is that? It can't be....

We've heard about it... often actually. Weathermen mention it in their reports like it will be all the time. We've seen it on the news all around us this year. TONS of it north of here. It's been cold enough here that it SHOULD have been here but no, it never did show up!

Until now...finally.... Fluffy, cold, beautiful SNOW!

Yes folks, MIDDLE Tenessee had snow.
* for about 4 hours this weekend* LOL

That's all we could squeeze out of it before the beautiful sun melted most of it!
Funny how West Tennessee had TONS of it, East Tennessee always gets it... we get "snow" days off of school because "it's coming" and it never gets here!
Enjoy our pics, starting with Jaxen's snow celebration!

What could be better than snow angels?

Amanda looks like it must be 10 degrees outside, but really it wasn't all that cold!

Jaxen over-acting a "rocket" snowball from his brother! LOL

Okay, I admit it... This is how I rock the snow!

Jaxen waiting for another rocket! LOL - he could really use some acting lessons!

And voila! Our pathetic, lopsided, leaf covered, once a year (if we're lucky) snowman! Which as of today is still standing, and is VERY skinny now..... lol

Come on SPRING!

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