Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fordcast ~ Proud as We Can Be!

For the past few years, Jaxen (my youngest son) has been asked to attend the annual event, "Ringside ~ A Fight for Kids" in Franklin, TN. Last year was the first year he actually sang the National Anthem for the event and we were all so very proud!
Friday night he will be singing again. The difference this year will be that I will be introducing my son. I am sure I will get through it just fine. Jaxen and I are ambassadors for Make a Wish and speak all the time at events about Make a Wish. Introducing him may prove a challenge for me though since he is my hero and I am somewhat passionate about that!
This event, by The Charley Foundation, raises money for Make a Wish and Camp Charley as well as other organizations (these are the two that immediately effect our family.)
What an amazing night with an amazing group of people that we call some of our most treasured friends! We are honored to be a part of it.
The event includes three boxing events, a fabulous dinner and an amazing auction. Oh, and Jaxen singing! What could be better! :-)
Picture of the three of us from last years event. Dad and son wear matching tuxedos!

Jaxen singing the anthem with his hands in his pockets... LOL... We will see what he does this year to make us all laugh!
Notice the significant puffiness in his face? He was receiving massive amounts of steroids at the time. He looks completely different this year! He is back to being Just Jax!
Rock on Jaxen ~ We are proud of you... we love you!!!! Break a Leg

Mom and Dad
Bryce, Amanda and Bre' Lynne

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