Monday, March 16, 2009

Fordcast ~ Accomplished and Proud

(Anyone need a boyfriend?)

(Ummmm, any resemblance?)

(He just makes me *smile* )

(Jaxen even met Martina McBride)

Friday night was another one of the nights that will live in our hearts forever.

Ringside ~ A Fight for Kids 2009 was held at the Factory in Franklin, TN and Randy, Jaxen and I were guests of The Charley Foundation. The rest of the family stayed home since it was a special event that was not intended necessarily for children to attend (although Jaxen is a guest of honor!) It is a black tie boxing event with tons of cigars! LOL

I am always moved by how many people we actually know at this event. I mean, I KNOW with my brain that we know that many of them, but seeing it and feeling the love of it all as the night goes on makes it all so real.

This year, in addition to Jaxen singing the National Anthem, I was asked to go onstage and give a speech about our relationship with The Charley Foundation and Camp Charley. Simple enough, right… wrong. Trying to put into words your exact feelings about such an amazing group of people that hold such a treasured place in your life is extremely challenging. To add to that, it is always hard to explain to people how you can look at life as such a blessing in the middle of such hardship. Not all families are blessed with the ability to do that, but we definitely are.

Jaxen’s diagnosis has caused great financial hardship as well as the daily stresses of dealing with a sick child. Through all of that though, my natural instinct is to see the blessings it has brought to our family. I don’t mean the blessings of “things” like his Wish trip, or air plane flights or events… I mean the most valued blessings of friendships that will never be lost. Relationships that will always mean more to us than anyone could possibly comprehend. I really don’t believe the people that we care so much about even realize how much they mean to us! LOL
Even Jaxen's personal Caringbridge blog does it… the people that consistently go there to check on him are really more than just “followers” of Jaxen’s care. They are true friends in every sense of the word.

We are anxiously awaiting the “professional” copies of the performance and the speech from The Charley Foundation and we will post it once we get it! For now though, please enjoy the determined courage of our hero…. Jaxen Randall Ford, 8 years old, singing our anthem to a room full of guests, Ringside ~ A Fight for Kids…

Here are some pics too from an incredible photographer that was there! He is amazing!